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Are you a . . .
   Physics Student who needs help understanding your Physics homework?  If you’re a high school or college physics student, or just someone who wants a better understanding of the physical world around you, then the Physics Homework Tutorial Vodcasts are for you!  The homework tutorials in this series are sure to help you complete your homework and better understand all Physics topics!

Are you a . . .
   Physics Teacher who wants to supplement your teaching with Physics Homework tutorials that your students can access from home?  If you’re a high school or college physics instructor, the Physics Homework Vodcasts will provide you with over 230 Physics tutorials to help your students achieve greater levels of success!

Frequently Asked Questions

   The full set of Physics Homework Tutorial Vodcasts includes over 230 tutorials, divided into 27 different topics in Mechanics, Fluids & Thermal Physics, Electricity & Magnetism, Waves & Optics, and Modern Physics.  (Click Here for a full Table of Contents.)  They are designed to cover the concepts from Advanced Placement Physics B© or College Physics (non-calculus) courses.  


   The "DVD" purchase option includes a DVD of the entire set of over 230 tutorials.  The DVD also contains a table of contents for easy navigation, and PDF files of problems and solutions for all tutorials.  If you intend to purchase the entire library, and don't need access to your content immediately, purchasing a DVD is the best option.  DVD's include each tutorial produced as a separate mp4 file and embedded in a table of contents to make it easy to select and view the desired tutorial.  Teachers are permitted to make copies of the DVD (or purchase additional copies) for their students, making this an ideal option for Physics teachers. 



Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "Vodcast"?   You might be asking yourself, “What is a Vodcast, anyway?”  A “vodcast” is simply a video-podcast . . . that is, a video designed to teach something!

What is a Physics Homework Tutorial Vodcast?    So, what’s in a Physics Homework Tutorial Vodcast?  Although incredibly interesting and applicable to real life, Physics is notorious for being a subject that is difficult to understand.  Our Physics Homework Tutorials are designed to make learning Physics fun and easier!  Each of our 230+ Tutorials begins with a Physics problem or problems that would be found in a typical Physics homework assignment.  Our experienced AP Physics teachers (see “About Us” for biographies of each teacher) then examine that problem in detail, complete with background information, equations, diagrams, and hints for successful Physics problem solving.  By the end of the tutorial, you or your students will not only know the answer to the problem, but understand the topic well enough to apply it to other situations too!

Can I Preview a Physics Homework Tutorial Vodcast?    Yes!  The first segment of many tutorial videos can be previewed by clicking Here

I'm a Teacher . . . can I make the Physics Homework Tutorial Vodcasts available to my students?    Yes!  In fact, that's the idea!  The easiest way to provide Physics Homework Tutorials to your students is to purchase DVD's from the DVD Store for student use (or purchase a single copy of the DVD and make your own copies for students.)  Alternatively, you can purchase and post the videos to your web site or Wiki, but ONLY if it is password protected for viewing by your STUDENTS ONLY.

What level of physics is covered in the Physics Homework Tutorial Vodcasts?    The Physics Homework Tutorials were originally designed to be used in Advanced Placement Physics B© or College Physics (non-calculus based) courses.  However, many of the tutorials will apply to lower level Physics courses as well!


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